Issue 1, Winter 2007

By Ethan Ham and Benjamin Rosenbaum

Anthroptic is a hand-made artist book that contains 8 folios pairing one image with one “chapter” of the story. The images were taken from Ham’s online project “Self-Portraits” in which he trained a facial recognition program to his face before unleashing it onto the internet photo service Flickr. While searching the millions of photos on Flickr for its creator, the computer program sometimes made mistakes, identifying inanimate objects as the artist. These mistake images became the starting point for Rosenbaum’s short short story that can be read in any order.
Materials: Anthroptic is an archival book created with archival book board, 100% Somerset cotton rag paper, ph neutral glue. + Critical essay by Michael Bettencourt + Artist interview + Introduction to Archival Materials by Eleanor Hanson Wise

It is an edition of 80    

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