Subscription Art FAQs

Who and What is The Present Group?
The Present Group was founded in 2006 by Eleanor and Oliver Wise out of the desire to create affordable and sustainable models for funding artists. In their first three years, their subscription art project has channeled over $20,000 toward funding artist projects, stipends, and development of critical essays. In May 2010 they began a web hosting project where a portion of the fees fund prizes for contemporary artists. Hosting clients get to vote on the recipient of each grant.
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What kind of art will I get?
Signed limited-edition contemporary artwork. We have created books, prints, sculpture, video, textiles, view-masters. . .anything that does not lose quality by being reproduced.

TPG curators look for unique work that is visually, experientially and conceptually engaging.

We understand that most people collect art to display on their walls. That is why we guarantee at least one two-dimensional work per year.
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Can I choose what I get?
No. Like most other subscriptions, you do not have a choice. The flip side is that you pay much less than you would if you bought a similar object in a gallery.

However, once a year we do a "Subscribers Choice" edition...
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What is the "Subscribers Choice Edition"?
The "Subscribers Choice" Edition happens once a year. We narrow the proposals down to 5 projects and let our subscribers vote online for the piece they want to receive. These editions have been some of our most successful. So far, they were "Text/ile" by Maggie Leininger, "Phases of the Moon" by Helena Keefe and "Old Tricks for New Monkeys" by Nava Lubelski.
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Does every subscriber get the same thing?
Yes, more or less. However, we do occasionally commission projects that are either personalized for each subscriber or are a series of unique works.
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How does it work?
Artists submit proposals for projects that are reproducible in intent.

TPG Curators choose an artist and work in collaboration with them to produce a limited edition that corresponds to our current membership.

The Present Group either commissions or produces the supplementary material for each piece.

Each subscriber receives a new work in the mail that they helped create.
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I love a particular piece. Can I purchase it?
We do produce a few more pieces than the current number of subscribers because we're forced to make those decisions ahead of time. Check out our back issues page to see if it's still available.
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Can I propose a project to The Present Group?
Of course! We have an open call. Take a look at our Artist Submission Guidelines Page for more information.
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Is the Present Group a non-profit?
Yes. The Present Group is a fiscally sponsored project of ProArts in Oakland, California. You can make a tax deductible donation to our project on our support page.
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