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Parent Since: 2005   |  Website: [1]
    My Imperfect Factory

    2015. As artists, we keep sacred spaces. In those spaces are our fault lines. Our mental record of all our mistakes, and imperfections. This little factory represents my internal view of my creative space among the community and industry around me. Titanium, sterling silver, Bi-metal, diamond. Fabricated. Heat patina.

    Within Reach

    2014. Hammered Titanium, 14k rose gold, chocolate and white diamonds. A reminder that light and love is always within reach of the darkness. Fabricated. Stone-setting.

    Commissioned engagement ring

    2014. Titanium with signature vine texture, family heirloom gold and diamonds. Cast, Fabricated, and stone-setting, with heat patina.


    2012. Commissioned engagement ring made from mild steel, 18k yellow gold and raw diamond. Fabricated.

    Kira and Her Garden of Memories

    2014. Commissioned memorial locket. Sterling Silver. Embossed, fabricated, cast, oxidized.

    After my son was born, I used to keep my talons grasped tight onto my studio life.  Like I was in a constant fight; threatened to lose my sense of self.  Always seeking balance, I have worked full time with my kids in day care.  I have tried picking them up after school and taking them to the studio every day for the afternoon.   When my son was in 2nd grade and my daughter in Kindergarten, I attempted to cut back my hours.  It was a struggle - my show schedule was full; business was growing.  I still fought.  I was scared to lose what is “normal” and a major part of how I defined myself; even though it was extremely stressful.  Now, I dig in my heels to keep my work day to school hours.  It has been this way for two years now.  I find this balance to be more in line with who I want to be as an artist/mother/wife. And, the most beautiful thing?  I find if I let go my tight grasp, I open myself up to more of life’s abundance.  I have become clearer on my mission and goals, and in so doing, it has made me more confident, more grounded, and more intentioned.  Life is sweeter, more relaxed and full.

    Artist Bio

    Studying the arts all throughout my childhood and education, I eventually found my true comfort in creating art in jewelry.  Having my own studio business has been my vision since I was a young child, and now I am one lucky girl.  I married an artistic entrepreneur, I get to create on a daily basis, and we have two kids who are growing up watching their parents pursue their dreams.

    Parent Since: 2011   |  Website: [1]   |  brionnudarosch

      Installation view, 2013, dimensions vary – installation of sculptures at ACME. Los Angeles. Materials include acrylic, wood, plaster, ceramics


      2013, acrylic on wood. 68 x 14 x 15 inches – a carved piece of wood covered in acrylic rests upon three cut pieces of planed wood

      Here to There

      2013, rusted iron rod, wood. 66 x 22 x 13 inches – a rusted found iron rod is bent and balanced on a cut piece of planed wood

      Portrait (Nose)

      2013, acrylic on paper on found book page. 17 x 14 inches – a collage of paper treated with acrylic is affixed over a cut found book page to make a new portrait

      Stacked Form

      2013, acrylic on paper on found book page. 17 x 14 inches – a collage of paper treated with acrylic is affixed over a cut found book page to make a new form (sculpture)

      My studio time is shared with collaborations and staged happenings including blindfolded visits to the museum, recorded conversations and interventions, and pairing Sesame Street animations along side Jiddu Krishnamurti, Joseph Campbell, and E. H. Gombrich.

      My son is a far better artist than I. All children are. If there were a moment where I was proud to be stubborn – it is NOW after not STOPPING – and continuing to make art well past childhood (against the advice of many adults in my life), so that I could share this perspective with my son. My work, my process, my family – defines my identity. When I have an active and engaged studio, I am a better father, husband and friend.

      The eight-hour work day does not exist within my studio practice. In fact, it never did. Only after becoming a parent did it resonate that my process was a series of gestures performed over time. And with discipline and intention I can balance building a fort on the couch, digging up dinosaur bones in Glen Park Canyon, and making a painting or a ceramic sculpture in the rain while my son makes mud pies in the backyard.

      Artist Bio

      I am an artist and curator living and working in San Francisco, I am represented by ACME. Los Angeles, and have exhibited my work both locally and internationally. I balance my studio practice as the Studio Program Director for Minnesota Street Project and as the co-founder of PlayschoolSF - a safe educative space where children learn through exploration in the arts, music, storytelling and outdoor exploration (taught and directed by my wife).