Issue 12, Fall 2009

By Whitney Lynn

DIY Survial Kit “DIY Survival Kit” is an edition of 65 by artist Whitney Lynn designed to prepare you for the ultimate disaster. Whether an earthquake, tornado, or chemical weapon attack, Lynn provides you with the essentials: a barterable good, a weapon, and a means to keep your mind off the bleakness of your situation. Nothing in the kit, however, is complete. She gives you the materials and the inspiration, but if you are going to survive - you are going to have to Do it Yourself.   Lynn’s Kit draws inspiration equally from survivalist subcultures and more left leaning do-it-yourself (DIY) movements.
Materials: silkscreened cardboard box, balloon, yeast, pennies, string, pen, rubber band, pre-1983 cointainer, and a cardstock pamphlet/poster

It is an edition of 65    

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