Issue 13, Winter 2010

By Ingrid Burrington

Center for Missed Connections Information Initiative is an edition of 100 booklet sets by artist Ingrid Burrington designed to help you better understand the loneliness and sexual tension that secretly govern city life through the lens of Missed Connections posts on Craigslist.   The Citizen's Field Guide presents a complete data analysis of Missed Connections. We learn not only about the demographics, but also the particulars of where MC's take place, who's making them, and the "Grey Area" - the posts of ultimate lonliness. The second booklet, The Field Observation Workbook, encourages one to "Be Out and About!" and experience their own missed connections. Put to work as part of the CMC data collectors, participants are afforded a means to take down details about particular missed connections and have a perfect record should they decide to try to engage that special person online.
Materials: The set contains a Citizen's Field Guide, a Field Observation Workbook, a fold-out "Taxonomy of Missed Connections," as well as a full-color "Geographic Missed Connections Study: New York".

It is an edition of 100    

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