Random Image Format

Just like what it sounds like, it shows one random image - from the set of what you upload. Often used for the first page of the site, without text.

There are image size adjustments available on the Exhibit Options Dialogue Box.

This image format does not show Image Titles and Captions. If you want it to do this:
1. Go to ADMIN > ASSETS > format.random_image.php (UNDER PLUGINS)
2. find line 45 and replace it with:
$s .= "<img src='" . $OBJ->vars->images[0][$rand]['media_path'] . "' />
<p class='random_img_title'>" . $OBJ->vars->images[0][$rand]['media_title'] . "</p>";

If you want to change the way the image title and caption are being displayed, then go back to ASSETS and find style.css (under TEMPLATES)
4. Add a new line of code (this is a "css rule") that starts with .random_img_title { inside of this container is where you define the styles of the caption ... }